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Lucilla Papa painter in Switzerland

Credit: Beatrice Garzia 

Lucilla Papa was born in Mendrisio, Switzerland, on the 1st December 1983 at 12:12

Since an early age, she was fascinated with the world of the Arts and for several years was a student at the Rudolf Steiner School in Lugano, where she found the right atmosphere to explore and develop her passion for art. Majoring in Figurative Arts, in 2004, she obtained her High School Diploma from Liceo Artistico A. Frattini in Varese, Italy. She continued her studies in Milan, where in 2008 she graduated from NABA with a Bachelor in Set Design. In 2008, she designed the set-up for the XV edition of the Festival Fabbrica Europa in Florence. In 2010, she travelled to Australia and spent several months in Perth, where she completed a Graduate Diploma in Education at the University of Western Australia. This experience was crucial for her personal, artistic and professional development. The colours of nature, the endless wide-open spaces and the fragrance of such a distant land rich of contrasts changed her life. She then returned to Switzerland where she continued to explore and work on the field of both the Arts and Education.

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